Dungeon Chests

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on: June 14, 2020, 01:19:46 PM

Dungeon Chests is a custom and unique feature of Mahoney Ragnarok Online which consists of treasure chests housing unique, high-value consumable items.

The Dungeon Chests hold various items (mostly consumables) to promote exploration and uninterrupted training in the most popular and adventurous


Kafra Card x1
Poring Box x1
Battle Manul 25% x1
Job battle Manual 25% x1
Bubble Gum x1
Angelring Potion x1
Taming Gift x1
Abrasive x1
Poring Coin x10

Respawn Time: 24 Hours (kill chest)

Respawn Areas (last floor)

Abyss Lake Dungeon
Juperos Ruins
Amatsu Dungeon
Kiel Robot Factory
Ant Hell
Lou Yang Dungeon
Ayothaya Ancient Shrine
Magma Dungeon
Beach Dungeon
Moscovia Dungeon
Bio Laboratory
Nameless Island
Odin Temple
Byalan Island Dungeon
Orc Dungeon
Clock Tower
Payon Cave
Coal Mine
Prontera Culvert
Einbroch Mine Dungeon
Geffen Dungeon
Rachel Sanctuary
Glast Heim
Gonryun Dungeon
Sunken Ship
Hidden Temple
Thor Volcano Dungeon
Ice Cave
Toy Factory
Turtle Island Dungeon
Umbala Dungeon

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