IMPORTANT: Main Office and Cash Points

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on: July 14, 2020, 07:28:45 AM
IMPORTANT: Main Office and Cash Points

Hey there everyone!

I am making this post to let everyone know the importance of the Main Office at MahoneyRO.

The Main Office is the place where you can do everything related to the server itself, such as JOB CHANGE, talk to the STYLIST, receive your QUEST SKILLS, exchange PORING COINS FOR CASH, and much more!

Whenever you start your journey with us at MahoneyRO, please head to the Main Office to see for yourself all the activities you can do.

Also the CASH POINTS are obtainable by any player if you play the events and participate in the GM events aswell. You will be able to get Poring Coins, which can be exchanged for Cash Points.