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Presentations / Florence GM Presentation
« Last post by GM Florence on November 09, 2019, 11:26:42 PM »
Hi there! :Emote_gawi:

I'am GM Florence of community and events, I will be in charge of receiving all suggestions, doubts and complaints that you may have, if you have any idea on how to improve the server do not hesitate to message me, I will send to the administration anything that can contribute to the community and the server, I hope we can enjoy MahoneyRO and get along, I count on you and do not doubt that you can count on me.

I haven't been playing for many years, but I will help you as much as possible ^^.


Si eres hispano, yo sere tu mejor aliada! comunicate conmigo a través de foro o dentro del juego, tus sugerencias también serán escuchadas! Todos cuentan! :No1:
Presentations / Dimitri GM Presentation
« Last post by GM Dimitri on November 03, 2019, 07:25:09 PM »
Hello everyone!

I'm Dimitri GameMaster, I am 25 years old and will be in charge of supporting the community.
I've been playing Ragnarok Online for about 12 years, it's been one of my favourites MMORPG of all times.   :Rice:

We, as a staff, will be thorougly responding all your messages, requests and comments to make the server/game experience a lively and funny place to stay!   :No1:
Also I will be online most of the time, so you can contact me via in-game!

Please make sure to speak youself up!  :Panic:  If you have any inconvenient or suggestion regarding MahoneyRO!   We want to know what you want!

Love and Peace.  :Awsm:
News & Updates / Staff MahoneyRO
« Last post by Mahoney on October 30, 2019, 02:15:47 PM »


We present you our staff at MahoneyRO. We will be in charge of answering all your questions inside the game or the forums, keeping the game up-to-date and create events for all players to enjoy.

Administrator and Developer

- Mahoney

Game Master

- Dimitri

- Florence

Sub-Game Master

News & Updates / Information MahoneyRO
« Last post by Mahoney on October 25, 2019, 06:16:04 PM »

 Server International

Open Since: December, 15th, 2019

Episode 11.2: Veins ~ A Hidden Gorge of Thor's Volcano


 No Thirds Jobs

 lvl Max: 99/70

 Max Stats: 99

 Máx ASPD: 190

 Instant Cast: 150 DEX

 Party Share: 15 levels


 Base & Job: 12x

 Quest EXP: 10x

 Item Drop: 10x

 Card Drop: 10x

 Miniboss Card Drop: 0,01%

 MVP Card Drop: 0,01%



 Warp Agent (first level dungeons)

 Job Master

 Reset Girl


 Skill Platinum


 Automatic Events

 Baby Class NPC


 Gepard Shield 3.0


Quest Items

No Custom

Achievement System

Doble Login
(no bg, no pvp, no woe, no events automatic)